Aviation Continues to Grapple with Engine Challenges: Chance Fowler on ELTF Panel

MIAMI – February 2024 – Chance Fowler, Aquila Air Capital’s VP of Portfolio Management, joined the panelists of Aviation Week Network’s Engine Leasing, Trading & Finance Americas (ELTF) conference in Miami to discuss the challenges facing OEMs as they struggle to produce enough engines to meet demand, while market participants are grappling with increased prices for new engines and rising maintenance costs for the older engines that must stay in service.

Excerpt from Aviation Week article:

[…] Fowler said a major challenge his private equity firm faces today is the uncertainty around shop visit turnaround times. “If something is going to take longer [and the length of time is known] and it costs more, that’s fine, we can underwrite that, but if you have a shop visit that’s supposed to take six months that ends up taking over year a year, it’s hard for us to explain to our shareholders” why such an investment should be made.

Fowler said that the arrival of a new market entrant in the aircraft engine sector “would be a welcome development.”

“Competition is good,” he added. […]

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